Cheer/ Tumbling

Cheerbears is a class that is designed to teach 4-5 year old's the basics of cheer. This class will offer a wide variety of fun activities such as coloring sheets and games to enhance and reinforce the learning experience. The athlete will be learning the cheerleading basics which include: cheer counts, arm motions, simple cheers, and how to use pom poms. Cheerbears is a 55 minute class and has an 8:1 ratio with a monthly tuition of $117.00

Cheer Prep will introduce students to the basics of cheerleading. This class will set the foundation for tumbling and incorporate the basics needed for learning stunts and jumps. Cheer Prep will also introduce simple cheers, dance routines, and use of pom poms! All Cheer Prep classes are 55 minutes with an 8:1 ratio and a monthly tuition of $117.00

Sideline Cheer is a class for aspiring middle and high school aged cheerleaders. In this class the coach will work with the athletes to build off the basic skills and also introduce more complex skills such as more advanced stunting, jumps, and tumbling. Pom Pom use is also practiced with short dances and cheers. Sideline Cheer has been designed to take the average cheerleader to the next level. This class will prep and prepare the athlete to be cheer team ready! Sideline Cheer is a 55 minute class with an 8:1 ratio and a monthly tuition of $117.00

Cheer Tumbling 1 is designed to teach the fundamentals of cheerleading while incorporating basic tumbling skills. In this class the athlete will learn cartwheels, handstands, and power hurdle round-offs, as well as, jumps requirements which include: toe touch, herkie, and pike jumps. All tumbling and jumps will be performed to an eight count to ensure proper movement and cheer progressions. Cheer Tumbling 1 is a 55 minute class with an 8:1 ratio and a monthly tuition of $117.00

Cheer Tumbling 2/3 is a combined class of Cheer Tumbling 2 and Cheer Tumbling 3. At this level the athlete should already have the basic skill set for tumbling and cheer jumps. In this class the athlete will be refining the basics and working on connecting tumbling passes such as round-off back handsprings. They will also learn to connect tumbling skills with cheer jumps. Training for flexibility and conditioning will be key components to this level of cheer. Athletes that have mastered the basics and are ready to increase tumbling difficulty can expect to learn more complex tumbling skills such as: standing front tucks, back tucks, front layouts, and back layouts. These skills will prepare the athlete for more advanced passes such as a round-off back handspring back tuck, while still progressing on connecting jumps to tumbling. During this class there will be more intense flexibility and conditioning training. This class is 55 mins with an 8:1 ratio and a monthly tuition of $117.00