Celebrations and Parties

Party Package

  • 1-18 Participants

Celebrations and Parties at Sandhills Gymnastics

We are so excited to be able to host celebrations of all kinds! Whether it is a birthday party, office party, sports team celebration, and many more, we are ready to get this party underway! Your celebration will be a total of two hours that will be split between the gym and the celebration area upstairs.

We hope to see you soon!

Sandhills Gymnastics is ready to CELEBRATE! With a party packed two-hour celebration, our Sandhills Gymnastics guests are sure to be impressed. With each celebration customized to the occasion time spent in the gym playing and time spent upstairs will vary. We welcome all sorts of decorations from streamers to piƱatas and with tables, chairs, a free Sandhills Gymnastics water bottle guest favor provided at the beginning of the party you can focus on the fun! If you are celebrating an incredibly special birthday, the birthday child will be presented with a birthday medal and a huge round of applause. Because of all the scrumptious treats, once the party goes upstairs it will remain upstairs for the remainder of the celebration.

Because of COVID-19 and Governor Cooper's regulations, we are only able to allow 18 guests per party and we ask that the number of adults attending the celebration is limited to allow for a safe and fun experience.

To book your top-notch celebration you visit our website sandhillsgymnastics.com or stop by our front office!

A $60 non-refundable deposit will be paid at the time of booking but will be subtracted from the amount paid the day of the party.

Please complete the Celebration Release Form and bring it in with you.