Classes at Sandhills Gymnastics

Our group classes include tumbling, power tumbling and trampoline, recreational girls and boys gymnastics, adult classes and private lessons! Each of our classes is designed to develop strength, flexibility, coordination and body awareness while teaching our students focus, concentration and self-confidence. From their first day in the gym as a toddler to national competitions, Sandhills Gymnastics will be there to help your child flourish!

Please choose one (or more) of the classes from the menu to learn more and to reserve your spot to join.   All online registration must be done through our Customer Login – please contact the office to set up your email and password.

Registration fees, tuition, and summer fees are non-refundable. If the Owners or Office Manager feel there are unique circumstances, we will discuss with you the best way to resolve the situation.

Please have the students enter the gym, no more than 10 minutes before class. After sanitizing their hands, your child will go to an assigned area to wait for their coach to join them. Please make sure the athlete uses the bathroom before class and is ready to start when the coach calls for the class.

  • Gymnasts must wear athletic clothing with no zippers, snaps or buttons
  • Stomach must be covered
  • Long hair must be pulled back
  • No jewelry or gum allowed
  • The gymnasts must stay with their instructor
  • Gymnasts must follow all safety rules and instructions.
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